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While spring is here, you should give your vehicle a "rebirth" of sorts. To learn how you can thoroughly deep clean your vehicle, read this post by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson

How to Spring Clean Your Vehicle

With spring comes a new flowers, new leaves, new temperatures, and a whole new season. So, why not take this opportunity to make your vehicle good as new as well? For tips on how to spring clean it thoroughly, read the post below!

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Get the Trash Out of There

If your car starts looking more like a rolling junkyard than it does a powerful vehicle, then the first step in this spring cleaning process should be to get all of the unnecessary stuff out of there. Especially if you've been known to let food wrappers rolling around, old papers in the glove compartment, and clothing and shoes on the trunk, you need to do a thorough clean. First, grab a garbage bag and place in it everything that's, well, garbage. Then, get all of the misplaced items out and put them back in their place. In the end, your vehicle should only have things you absolutely need in it. When all of this is done, you will be left with a cleaner and lighter vehicle. And a lighter car means a more efficient vehicle, since the engine won't have to stress out to move the extra weight around (which also wastes more gas, by the way).

Give It a Good Wash and Wax

One of the most visible mistreatments you can give your vehicle is letting it roll around all dirty and full of gunk. So, while you're in the spring cleaning kick, make sure that you give it a good wash and wax. This is because having a dirty car not only makes it and you look bad. Yes, it's important to keep it clean for aesthetic reasons.  However, you should know that it can have more negative effects than that. For example, allowing that dirt to sit on your vehicle will damage its paint job. This means its re-sale value will lessen significantly, or that you will have to paint it again (which doesn't come cheap). But more importantly, neglecting your vehicle's cleanliness can have dire consequences on its performance and lifespan. For example, the nasty particles that accumulate on it can reach the vehicle's inner systems. This makes it harder for them to work properly, and can wear them out much faster. Washing and waxing your vehicle (more so than just as part of the spring cleaning ritual), will keep it in mint condition for longer.

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Be as Meticulous as Can Be

Taking out the trash and washing your vehicle isn't enough to fulfill your spring cleaning expectations. If you truly want to have a spotless vehicle, you will have to be as meticulous as can be. For starters, you will have to clean every single detail, nook, and cranny. This includes the dashboard, the wheel, the seats, and even the tires. But more so than that, you also have to pay attention to your vehicle's insides. After time and use, the vehicle's fluids (such as the synthetic oil and transmission fluid), as well as its filters (e.g. the air and fuel filter), become dirty and inefficient. Replace them if needed so you can have a clean vehicle inside and out.

Go to Your Mechanic

Last but not least, you should make sure that you go to your mechanic as a final step in your vehicle's spring cleaning process. Taking your vehicle in for a routine inspection can be one of the best things you can do for it. In fact, you should visit your mechanic at least twice a year - aside from taking it in during special occasions where you notice an issue with it. A professional can find and fix anything before it becomes a big problem, guaranteeing that your vehicle will be running good as new for a long, long time.

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