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Misleading Statements About Synthetic Oil

You have probably heard about the different cons and pros of using synthetic oil. Many times those cons are not really cons but myths. Today at Vaughan Distributing we want to make sure we clarify two  of the misconceptions regarding synthetic oil. Don´t let these statements mislead you and read more to find out what the facts.

Misconception #1 Synthetic Oil Is Not Real Oil

This is a very common misconception that is heard of all the time. Synthetic oil is obtained from crude oil however it is made synthetic through a specific process that allows the particles to be much more resilient and resistant unlike the natural components of conventional oil. The crude oil is the base and it is then converted into the final product which is an altered laboratory engineered synthetic oil, that has much more protection, and overall coverage efficiency, than any other conventional oils.

Misconception #2 Thicker Oil Is Best

The belief that the thicker the oil the better is not true. In fact if the oil is too thick it may not flow correctly through the engine. The thickness known best as viscosity, that your engine needs, depends on the manufacturer and the specifications that they give for that engine type. Thicker oils may be better for engines that are very worn out but not for all. Verify with your manufacturer what the best viscosity is for your specific engine.

Synthetic Oil in Jackson

You can never go wrong with Amsoil synthetic oil. Inspect your vehicle soon and find out what your engine needs. To learn what you need to look for in your car, read our previous postVaughan Distributing is the place to go for first rate products for your engine including the finest synthetic oil in Jackson. Buy Amsoil oil in Jackson today. Call  (307) 413-1011 now.

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