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If you're new to motorcycles, you need to learn what basic gear to own and what to inspect on your bike before each ride. Learn more about this through this post by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson.

When owning a motorcycle for the first time, there are some basic safety rules and gear you should know about to keep yourself and others safe while riding. Many of these tips will become second nature once you’ve been riding for a while. In this post, we’ll take a look at what starter safety gear you should get, what indicators you should always keep an eye out for, and a few essential, safe riding tips for when you’re out on the road.

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Check These Points on Your Motorcycle Before You Ride

Before you ride your motorcycle, you should check that your bike is in good condition and ready to ride. To make this easier, the MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) has an acronym to help you remember what to check: T-CLOCS, which stands for Tires and Wheels, Controls, Lights and electrics, Oils and other Fluids, Chassis, and Stands. Let’s break down what you need to check for:
  • Tires and Wheels The first thing you should check on your bike before riding is its tires and wheels. Make sure your stand and chassis are in good condition. Ensure there’s no debris caught in them, that they don’t have any visible bulges and that the air pressure complies with your manufacturer’s specifications. You should also check if your breaks are working correctly.
  • Controls You should make sure that the handlebars are straight and turn freely. Also, check that cables and hoses don’t have any cracks or leaks and that your throttle moves freely, and it has no revving when the handlebars turn.
  • Lights and Electrics For lights and electrics, you should check that your battery looks clean and is held down securely. Make sure that your headlamp has no cracks and that it’s positioned at the proper height. Check that your turn signals flash correctly and that your mirrors are clean and in the correct position. Also, your wiring shouldn’t have any cracks.
  • Oils and other fluids For oils and fluids, you should check that all your levels are in the position that your motorcycle manual requires and that seals, gaskets, and housings have no leaks.

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  • Chassis Make sure your frame, suspension, chain or belt, and fasteners are in good condition. For the chain or belt, make sure there’s no debris caught in it and check that it’s tightened. Check that your steering head moves freely to every position and ensure that the suspension is lubricated.
  • Stands Finally, check that your center stand and your rear stand are both in good condition. Ensure they don’t have any cracks and aren’t bent; also, make sure it springs back and holds their position.

Starter Motorcycle Safety Gear

Before you start riding, there’s some essential gear you should consider having on hand. Of course, it’s necessary to buy quality gear to ensure you’re protected and safe on the road.

Wear a Helmet That Fits Properly

Wearing the right helmet can reduce serious injury caused by a crash. Look for a full-face helmet that will protect your head and eyes. Make sure your helmet fits properly, and look for a DOT (Department of Transportation) sticker certification, which would ensure better protection.

Use Eye Protection

While wearing a helmet with a visor will give you enough protection, if you choose a helmet that doesn’t include a visor, you can still choose to use goggles or glasses to protect your eyes from bugs and debris on the road. Not wearing eye protection can cause you to have blurred vision or irritated eyes, preventing you from driving your motorcycle safely.

Protect Your Body With a Jacket, Pants, and Gloves

Motorcycle jackets are a staple of the motorcycle community, and their most important feature is to protect yourself from injury. Jackets should have padding and protection on your shoulders and elbows. In addition, gloves will help you reduce your bike’s vibrations and make your riding more comfortable. Likewise, pants will protect your legs from the heat coming from your motorcycle, but most importantly, they will protect your legs from abrasions in case of a crash.

Use Boots for Comfort and Protection

Motorcycle boots will increase your comfort while riding and protect your feet against the weather, debris, and heat coming from your motorcycle. A good pair of motorcycle boots will also reduce the vibrations coming from your bike and will overall improve your riding experience.

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