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The age old question remains: which is better, regular oil or synthetic oil? To help you put this topic to rest for once and for all, the post below has important information about the subject. Hopefully, it will help you make the right decision so your engine can remain in top working condition.

Why You Should Use the Top Performing Synthetic Lubricant to Maintain Your Engine

It Protects the Engine from the Friction

The different components in the engine move every moment that the vehicle is on. However, when they turn, they start rubbing against each other, causing some friction. These repeated movements and that friction can actually wreak havoc on your engine. Luckily, the synthetic lubricant coats the components and protects them from the friction that happens between them.

It Has a Higher Viscosity

One important difference that exists between conventional oils and synthetic lubricants is their viscosity index. This basically just means that one is thicker than the other. However, if you're wondering why this matters, think of it this way: the synthetic lubricant will offer your engine a thicker, more effective protective layer, which means its components won't wear down as quickly.

It Is More Stable

With all the movements, friction, stress, and extreme temperatures that happen inside the engine, it's no wonder that its oil is rendered useless after some time and use. Nonetheless, the big difference here is that synthetic lubricants have greater shear stability, which means they won't thin out or succumb to those harsh circumstances as easily as regular oils do.

It's Better at Transferring Heat

As mentioned above, the temperatures inside the engine can get pretty extreme. That's why your vehicle has a cooling system that helps it regulate its temperature. Additionally, using a synthetic lubricant for your vehicle will also help it run cooler since it can transfer heat much better. This will keep your engine from overheating and shutting down on you.

It Won't Get the Engine Dirty

Understanding how each oil is made can give you an idea of which is better for your vehicle. For instance, regular oil is made from crude oils, which are filled with pollutants that then make their way to your engine and damage its components. On the other hand, synthetic lubricants are man-made from natural gas or alcohol, which guarantees a cleaner engine and no deposits.

It Endures Oxidation Better

As you may remember from your chemistry classes in high school, oxidation happens when oxygen molecules combine with other molecules. This process happens to the oil in your engine, and it can result in sludge and other gunk being leftover inside. Synthetic lubricants are superior at facing the oxidation process, which means that your engine won't be as affected by the deposits. If you want to acquire the best synthetic oil to maintain your vehicle in top working condition, turn to Vaughan Distributing. They can provide the AMSOIL products your engine requires to run good as new. Call (307) 413-1011 to purchase AMSOIL 100% synthetic oil.

It Cares for Your Wallet and the Environment

Another important benefit to consider regarding the continued use of synthetic lubricants, is that they care for your wallet and the environment. While synthetic lubricants may seem like the more expensive option, they are more resistant, and need to be drained and changed less frequently (which is both good news for your economy and the environment). Moreover, they'll help you lower the maintenance costs for your vehicle.

It Can Help Your Vehicle's Performance

An engine that is properly maintained is one that runs perfectly, and that's how the use of synthetic lubricants can actually affect your vehicle's performance. After all, the smoother the processes go within the engine, the more strength you will get from it. In some cases, this may even translate into an improvement in your vehicle's horsepower.

It Can Make a Difference in Your Vehicle's Lifespan

Finally, the type of oil you choose for your engine can also have an impact in how long you'll be able to drive your vehicle before it needs extensive repair or a replacement. It should go without saying that if an engine is protected and lubricated properly, it will maintain its condition, and it will be able to perform as expected for years to come.

For the Top Synthetic Oil

Vaughan Distributing carries AMSOIL's complete line of top performing products, such as the best synthetic lubricant. Call (307) 413-1011 for more information on the benefits AMSOIL can bring, or stop by the online store if you want to treat your engine to a synthetic oil change using the most effective synthetic oil.

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