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To work perfectly, your vehicle and its components need to be lubricated. To learn what types of lubricants your vehicle requires and what each of them does, read this post.

How to Lubricate Your Vehicle Effectively

To keep your body and mind in perfect health, you need to consume nutritious meals that include a balanced combination of good carbohydrates, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Well, for your vehicle to remain in "good health", it also requires to be properly taken care of; except, instead of food, they need lubricants to run smoothly for years to come. To learn what these lubricants are and what they do, you can continue reading this post, brought to you by Vaughan Distributing in Teton County.

The Motor Oil

First and foremost, we have the most famous vehicle lubricant of them all: motor oil. It is so important, that failing to administer regular replacements can result in a damaged engine and a useless vehicle. As you may be aware, motor oil has the job of coating the different components inside the engine with a protective layer to keep them from wearing down as easily from the friction that goes on between them. Furthermore, motor oil also helps lubricate these parts, meaning the processes they go through will run a lot smoother, improving the performance of your vehicle. Motor oil changes need to happen on a regular basis if you'd like your engine to continue in perfect working condition (at the very least, once or twice a year, depending on your use).

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The Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid has a similar job to that of the motor oil, but it is concerned with protecting and lubricating the transmission system. Said system is the one responsible for controlling the power as you drive, allowing you to change gears and modify the speed at which you're going. It is present both in manual and automatic vehicles, and it's absolutely crucial to its proper functioning. The transmission system is also made up of moving parts, meaning that if you don't want them to wear down sooner than expected, you will need to pay attention to its lubrication and provide replacements when needed.

The Brake Fluid

Speaking of vehicle components that are essential to its proper functioning, without brakes, the rides on your car would be a lot more dangerous. They have the incredibly difficult job of stopping a moving car (or at least, lower its speed), which is why you must care for them in a proper manner. To that end, you need to provide them with brake fluid every once in awhile (around once a year, depending on use), so the parts that make up the braking system won't get damage from excessive friction.

The Grease

"Grease" is the word, but it's also an important automotive lubricant to keep in mind. As the other oils mentioned in this post, grease helps minimize the effects of friction and prevents premature wear on certain car components (for instance, the wheel bearing and the chassis). To figure out if your vehicle needs to be greased up, listen for squeaks and groans. Apply more of it to keep your vehicle running smooth.

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The Gear Lube

Gear lube, on the other hand, is necessary when you're dealing with a system that requires a higher viscosity lubrication that will be able to endure through even the most extreme of temperatures. It is commonly employed in certain types of transmission systems present in vehicles and heavy machinery. Gear lube is known for its strong sulfuric scent, so don't be alarmed if you smell it.

The Penetration Lubricants

At one point or another, your vehicle will require a deeply penetrating lubricant (for example, when one of its nuts or bolts becomes stuck due to rust). That's where penetration lubricants will come in handy. While they're not meant to protect your vehicle's components like the other lubricants in this post, they're still needed to keep your vehicle in top shape. Usually, you'll find them in an aerosol can presentation.

The Dry Lubricants

Last but not least, your vehicle will be in need of dry lubricants. As their name implies, these aren't wet as regular oils, meaning they're perfect to to take care of areas that shouldn't be exposed to those substances (for instance, your vehicle's door lock). Graphite and silicone are two of the most common dry lubricants in the market.

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