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Storing your snowmobile for the off-season needs to be done correctly, lest you want to find your vehicle in bad shape come next winter. Read this post to learn how to store it properly.

How to Store Your Snowmobile for the Summer

While the weather here in Wyoming is mostly on the lower end of the spectrum, come summer, it is pretty safe to say there won't be much snowfall. This means that it is time to store your snowmobile for the off-season. For a few tips you can follow so that it stays in good shape for next winter, continue reading.

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Take Care of the Fuel

Your snowmobile will be out of circulation for awhile, so if there was any fuel left in the tank, you can bet it will go "bad." This means that some of it will evaporate. Unfortunately, its residue can make certain metals corrode. To keep this from happening to your vehicle, you can use a fuel stabilizer that can protect the integrity of the fuel, making it less volatile, and decreasing the chances of it turning on you and creating a mess.

Fog the Engine

If you want your snowmobile's engine to continue working properly next time you ride on it, you will need to fog it. Basically, this entails using a storage fogging oil to coat it. Even if you cover your snowmobile nicely with a tarp, air and moisture can still get to it, damaging its components, and simply wreaking havoc on your engine. Fogging will prevent this dire situation, which is why this needs to be a basic step in your snowmobile's storage routine.

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Clean It Beforehand

You may think that there's no use in cleaning your snowmobile if it's just going to be sitting there for months and months. What you may not realize, however, is that any trace of dust and dirt on it can eat away at it while it's in storage. Make sure to also wash it beneath the hood, to remove any damaging agents from it. It's also suggested that you apply a wax to it to keep it shining bright come winter.

Remove or Loosen Certain Components

You can't just store your snowmobile as is. You must remove or loosen up certain components to ensure they'll be intact when you use them again. Here's a list of things you can do:
  • Remove the battery
  • Loosen the track tension bolts
  • Take the drive belt out
  • Drain the carb
  • Take the secondary clutch apart (here's a tutorial on the matter from American Snowmobiler)
Be sure to store these items nicely, preferably in a dry place with no sunshine. Taking these precautions will prevent premature wear and will guarantee that you'll still have many fun rides to enjoy on your snowmobile.

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Grease It Up

You surely know what can happen to metal after some time and exposure to moisture: it can rust and start wasting away. This can be troublesome for your snowmobile, as those metal surfaces (such as the fasteners, nuts, bolts, and more) are necessary for its proper functioning. To keep them from deteriorating, you use an oil like WD40 to coat them up and protect them. Just make sure that it doesn't reach any plastic or rubber, as it can have the opposite effect on them.

Keep Animals and Insects Away

The nooks and crannies in your snowmobile can provide the protection and warmth that animals and insects need to live, which is why some of them will try to set up camp in them. Sadly, allowing them to do so can be detrimental to your snowmobile's well-being. To steer any unwanted guests away from your vehicle, block the outlet and intake holes in your snowmobile. You could consider using mothballs to guarantee further that they won't make their way in.

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Store It Properly

Finally, you need to store your snowmobile properly. To do so, you should find some way to lift it (for instance, a jack stand), so the contact with the ground doesn't damage it. Likewise, you should find a dry space for it, like a garage, so the moisture won't creep into it when it's unused. As a last tip, you can cover it with a tarp to keep dust way from it (just make sure the material is clean before you place it atop your snowmobile).

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