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As a motorcycle owner, you should be aware of your motorcycle's fuel economy. To ensure you're using your fuel efficiently, read this post by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson

How to Improve Your Motorcycle's Fuel Economy

Wasting fuel is bad for your personal economy and for the environment. That's why, if you're a motorcycle rider, you should not only be aware of your vehicle's fuel efficiency, but also actively search for ways to improve it. To help you in that respect, this post will share some tips on how you can enhance your motorcycle's fuel usage.

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Only Use High-Quality Fuel and Fuel Additives

As the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." This means that cheap fuel and fuel additives will deliver cheap results. What's worse is that, while they may be cheap at first, the damage they can cause can actually end up costing you a lot more in the long run. For example, low-quality fuel can actually produce sludge in your motorcycle's fuel system, which can hinder its performance significantly. To avoid that dire scenario, only use high-quality fuel and fuel additives in your motorcycle. AMSOIL's Motorcycle Octane Boost can increase its fuel economy significantly, and may even help it become more powerful and efficient. Make sure the fuel system works as desired while you're at it.

Care for Its Maintenance

Can you imagine riding on a motorcycle with damaged tires and a faulty braking system? Not only can that be incredibly dangerous, but it can also be costing you a lot of money. This is because, when you ride on a unkempt motorcycle, the engine has to make extra effort (and use up more fuel) to get it moving. That's why, to make sure you aren't throwing your money away each time you ride your motorcycle, you should take it to a mechanic that can assess its condition and guarantee that everything is working as it should.

Pay Special Attention to the Engine

While it is true that you should do a good job at keeping all of your motorcycle's components in top shape, it is especially important that you care for the engine efficiently. This is because, a dirty engine that's worn down, and has old oil running through it, will have a harder time working as expected, which makes it more wasteful. To maintain the engine, be sure to clean it and provide the necessary oil replacements. As you know, oil in good condition will lubricate and protect the engine, which will make it run more smoothly and will keep it more fuel efficient.

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Keep Your Rides Light

The heavier the motorcycle is, the more energy the engine will need to get it from point A to point B. That's why, if you have your motorcycle's fue economy in mind, you should employ tactics that will help you keep your rides as light as possible. For example, you could try:
  • limiting the number of items you carry with you (e.g. avoid having too many motorcycle accessories)
  • being more conscious of wind resistance when you ride (wear an aerodynamic helmet and avoid riding against the wind)
These measures, though simple, can save you a lot of fuel (and money) on your upcoming motorcycle rides.

Ride Your Motorcycle Gently

If you're a reckless motorcycle driver, you could be seriously decreasing your motorcycle's fuel economy. This is because, when you're speeding, stopping, and turning, you're putting some extra stress on the engine. To keep your motorcycle rides safe and fuel efficient, be more gentle when you're cruising down the road on your motorcycle. Following traffic lights and driving conventions has the added benefit that your motorcycle will remain in top working condition for longer.

Plan Your Routes

If you care about how you spend your money and your motorcycle's fuel at all, then you should care about where you go on it. Driving around aimlessly is the definition of wasteful, so before you hop on your motorcycle, know where you'll go and the best ways to get there (preferably, ride through a straight road). This will save you time, money, fuel, and will even decrease your carbon dioxide emissions.

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