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Riding a bike can be pretty dangerous. In this post by Vaughan Distributing, you'll learn about the basic riding gear you should don if you want the experiences on your motorcycle to be as safe as possible. 

Protective Gear to Wear While on a Bike

When you think about a motorcycle rider, you may imagine a person dressed like the one in the image below: motorcycle jacket, boots, helmet, gloves, etc. What you may not know, however, is those aren't just style choices: each of those items keeps them protected when riding. If you're a new rider and are wondering what kind of protective gear you should wear to stay safe while on your bike, continue reading.

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To Protect Your Head

Your head is home to your brain, the single most important organ in your body. If something were to happen to it, you would have to face serious consequences, including death. To ensure your brain won't get injured in a bike accident, you should wear a top quality helmet (Bloomberg posted a list that can help you in this department). The helmet will absorb some of the energy from the impact, which will keep your head as safe as possible. Never ride your motorcycle without a helmet, and don't allow your passengers to do so, either.

To Protect Your Hands

Your hands also need to be cared for when you're riding a bike. For starters, they could get bruised or scratched when you ride past trees and objects. They could also get wet and cold when it's winter or it's raining. Finally, your hands and fingers should be protected because they could break in the event of an accident, as most people put their hands out when they fall. For all of these reasons, and more, you should look for thick motorcycle gloves with reinforced palms, so your hands won't suffer as you're cruising down the road.

To Protect Your Eyes

To say that your vision is necessary when riding your bike (or doing anything else) is the biggest understatement. Unfortunately, rain, sunlight, dust, bugs, and other elements could compromise it by making their way into your sensitive eyes. This, of course, will make it hard for you to see and will increase the chances of you getting in a wreck. That's why you should shield your eyes when riding. If your helmet isn't equipped with a face shield, a pair of goggles or nice sunglasses can work.

To Protect Your Body

It can be scary to think just how exposed your body really is when you're riding a bike. If you're in an accident, it's likely that you'll, at the very least, end up with scratches and bruises all over. To minimize those consequences, you can use protective gear to defend your body. A high-quality and impact-resistant motorcycle jacket, for example, can keep your core and arms free from harm. A pair of thick jeans can do the same for your legs. In any case, avoid wearing clothing that's too loose or big on you, as it could get caught in your motorcycle and cause an accident.

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To Protect Your Feet

What you wear on your feet can also have an impact on how safe you are when you cruise atop your motorcycle. For example, wearing footwear that's too big, or donning flip flops or heels while you ride can put your safety in peril since they can fall off or get caught, which can interfere with your performance. To keep yourself and your feet safe, opt for boots or tennis shoes. These can provide a protective layer to your ankles and feet, and won't get in the way of your riding.

Miscellaneous Items

Finally, there are other miscellaneous items you could wear and even though they aren't a requirement, they can keep you protected and make your rides more comfortable. For example, you could wear a balaclava during the winter months or when it's raining to cover your face, and overall health, against the cold air. Likewise, you could make use of earplugs if you feel that the noise on the road is beginning to damage your hearing. Once again, these aren't necessary, but they could make your life easier, so consider them.

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