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It's recommended that you do a quick inspection round before each time you ride your motorcycle. To learn what you should look out for through it, read this post by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson.

What to Check on Your Motorcycle Before Each Ride

A malfunctioning motorcycle is bad news since it could put a damper on your day and may even put your safety in peril. To prevent these situations, you should do a quick inspection round before each time you ride to guarantee your motorcycle is good to go. If you're unsure of what you should inspect, however, read the post below.

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The Fuel

It has happened to all of us: you hop on on your motorcycle or vehicle, start riding it for a couple of miles, and suddenly notice that you're running on an empty tank. This is very annoying and a little dangerous, since having no fuel can leave you stranded on the side of the road, and may even ruin your motorcycle's engine. For that reason, notice the fuel gauge before you head out, so you know if you need to stop by a gas station prior to your ride.

The Tires

For the tires to do their job in a safe and effective manner, they need to be in great condition. This is because they have to put up with a lot: they need to roll you around, keep the balance, lift the weight of the motorcycle up, endure the friction with the road, cruise through glass, rocks, and uneven terrains, and more. That's why, before each ride, inspect the tires (their condition, their air pressure, etc.), to see if they're good to roll.

The Lights

You're riding a motorcycle, which means you're already at a disadvantage. But, if you add to it the fact that you're less visible on the road, you're waiting for a disaster to happen. That's why you need to guarantee that your motorcycle's lights work correctly beforehand. The lights should be on at all times, so you can be more visible to other drivers on the road. Check them and if they're not working, replace them so you don't risk it while riding.

The Chain

Your motorcycle depends on its chain to move around, as it is basically the one responsible for transmitting power to the rear wheel and get it turning. However, as you might expect, it needs to be in the proper condition to work as it's intended to. To make sure that it is, give it a look every time you want to ride your motorcycle. The chain should be well-lubricated, clean, have the right tension, and not be worn down.

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Its Drivability

It's also recommended that before you step into the fast and dangerous highway, you take your motorcycle for a quick spin around your neighborhood or another safe place. Doing so will give you the chance to notice its drivability. As you're going, ask yourself the following questions: Is there something weird going on with the engine (e.g. is it jumpier than usual)? Are you able to steer comfortably? Are the brakes reacting properly to your command? You should pay attention to any issues when you're taking your test drive, so your motorcycle doesn't turn on you when you're on the middle of the road.

Your Gear

You should never ever ride on your motorcycle without the proper protective gear. After all, when you're riding, your body is completely exposed, which means an accident can cause severe injuries or worse. That's why it is crucial that you inspect your gear thoroughly as part of your pre-riding routine. Check your helmet, your gloves, your jacket, and any other protective gear you wear to ensure it will be able to keep you as safe as possible in case an eventuality takes place.

Any Issues

Last but not least, you should dedicate some time of this quick inspection to actively look for issues with your motorcycle. For example, search for any signs of leakage of any of its fluids, as this could be the symptom of a serious problem with your motorcycle. If you happen to find an issue where there shouldn't be one, take your motorcycle to the mechanic promptly, so they can fix it for you.

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