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Follow the tips in this post by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson to guarantee that you'll be able to ride your motorcycle smoothly and safely during the fall months.

How to Be a Responsible Motorcycle Rider This Fall Season

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Care for the Tires

This first tip is an especially important one, since your tires have to go through a lot to roll you around. For one, they need to hold up the weight of the motorcycle, and they have to keep it balanced. Added to that is the fact that they need to endure the constant friction with the road. The conditions that come with the fall weather makes it even more imperative that you take good care of the tires, since the colder asphalt, the dead leaves on the ground, as well as the precipitation, can cause your tires to slip. Keep them in mind, check them regularly, provide the necessary maintenance, and replace them when needed so you're always riding smoothly.

Keep the Battery in Mind

With the chillier temperatures of the fall, many motorcycle riders choose not to ride as often. If you're one of them, you should be aware that your motorcycle's battery can become depleted from inactivity. For that reason, before you hop on your motorcycle again, you need to make sure that your battery is in proper shape. If you don't do this, your motorcycle won't be able to function as expected, which may result in you being stranded on the side of the road.

Maintain the Chain

As mentioned above, it is your tires that help you move from one place to another on your motorcycle. Still, for the rear wheel to roll, some motorcycles need a chain to power it. Nonetheless, for the chain to withstand the harsh conditions it needs to get through, it needs to be lubricated and properly maintained. But, even though you should be lubricating it twice a month, you will need to be more diligent with this task. This is because the colder conditions results in it losing lubrication faster.

Take It to the Mechanic

As you may be fully aware, your motorcycle is a very complex machine that needs all of its components to work perfectly so you can ride it smoothly and safely. For that reason, it's crucial that you visit a professional mechanic with regularity. Their expertise will allow them to evaluate your motorcycle thoroughly. Moreover, they will help you detect any issues that may be going on with it, as well as provide the necessary service to keep it in perfect working condition for a lot longer.

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Mind Your Gear

Needless to say, the temperature lowers significantly during the fall months. And since you're completely exposed when you're riding your motorcycle, you need to cover yourself properly so you can stay warm and healthy. To that end, you're advised to invest in a good, thick, impact-resistant motorcycle jacket that can keep your body safe in an accident, as well as protect you against the chilly winds. If you deem it necessary, you could even wear a scarf to stay extra comfy. However, ensure that it won't reduce your ability to move around.

Be On High Alert

Of course, you should never ride your motorcycle while distracted, since you need to be able to react to emerging situations promptly and appropriately. Nonetheless, there are certain circumstances that are particular to the fall season that require that your on extra high alert. For example, as mentioned above, the dead leaves on the ground can cause your motorcycle to slip, which is why you need to look out for them. Likewise, as Thanksgiving and other major holidays come closer, watch out, since you will see an increase in traffic.

Prepare to Winterize

Finally, if your use of your motorcycle lowers considerably during the colder months, you may want to winterize it, so it remains in great condition while it's stored away. To prepare for it, you should get a few items. For example, Bike Bandit suggests getting a sturdy motorcycle cover. This will help you guarantee you'll be able to use your motorcycle without much trouble when riding time resumes.

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