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Your vision, your abilities, and more could be impaired when you're driving at night. To avoid getting into an accident, you should read and follow the tips mentioned in this post.

How to Stay Safe While Driving at Night

Half of all traffic-related deaths happen at night, even though only a quarter of all driving is done during this time (this information is according to the National Safety Council). For that reason, it is especially important that you try your best to stay safe if you'll be driving while it's dark out. To help you in this department, in the post below you'll find tips on how to stay safe while driving at night.

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Make an Effort to See

One of the most dangerous things about driving at night is that you won't be able to see as well as during the daytime. That's why you need to make a real effort to see the road and objects around you. To that end, ensure that you wear your seeing glasses (in case you need them), and that you clean out your windshield. It is also recommended that you check your headlights and taillights before you head out.

Employ Your Lights Effectively

The lights in your vehicle are especially valuable when you're driving at night. That's why, in order to stay safe, you should learn to employ them in an effective manner. For example, remember to always have your headlights on. Likewise, be sure to use your blinkers and hazard lights when the situation calls for them. Finally, be cautious of how you use your high beams, as they may blind the other drivers on the road.

Beware of the Lights

Speaking of blinding others with your bright lights, one problem you may encounter while driving at night is being blinded by other cars, since the luminosity of their lights may be too much for your eyes to handle. In those cases, you can do one of two things. If the light is in front of you, you can shift your stare to the luminescent lines painted along the road to guide your trip. If the light is coming from behind, activate the setting that reduces glare in the rearview mirror.

Be Ready for Anything

There is the possibility that your vehicle will break down while you're driving during the nighttime. If you don't want to be put in this dangerous situation while it's dark out, you should first maintain your vehicle properly. After that, verify that you have certain emergency tools (e.g. a spare tire, a charged phone, an emergency kit, and more), readily available in your vehicle so you can deal with this occurrence in case it presents itself.

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Avoid Speeding

Speeding is even more dangerous when it's done late at night. This is because, first of all, when you're driving at night, you can't see very well. Moreover, there's a chance that you're tired after a long day, which can impair your judgement, your senses, and your response time. For these two reasons, you should drive more slowly if you want to remain as safe as possible while you're cruising down the road after nightfall.

Be Extra Cautious

As you're probably aware, the panorama can change from one instant to the next when you're driving, which is why it is of the utmost importance that you're always on high alert while behind the wheel. However, you will need to be even more cautious than that if you'll be driving at night. For that reason, you should pay extra attention to the road, avoid distractions at all costs, follow traffic rules to a T, and generally try to be a better driver.

Don't Drive While Tired

Finally, one of the most dangerous things you can do (whether it's during the daytime or nighttime) is drive while you're feeling tired. This is because being tired can have negative effects on your senses, your judgement, your motor skills, and more. Furthermore, there's the possibility of you following asleep behind the wheel. You should also note that it's not a good idea to depend on sugar or caffeine to keep going. If you want to remain safe, you will need to stop to rest or have somebody else drive.

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