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Read this post by AMSOIL: Vaughan Distributing in Jackson to learn everything you need to know about dirt bikes, how they work, what types of bikes are out there, and some tips on gear and riding safely. 

What is a Dirt Bike?

Before stepping into the world of dirt bikes and the safety precautions you should take while driving them, we should look at what dirt bikes are and what characterizes them. Dirt bikes are known for their lightness and their small build. These types of bikes are typically made out of plastic, unlike regular motorcycles, so that they are lighter and can catch air easily. For this same reason, most dirt bikes don’t have safety features like headlights, mirrors, or brake lights, making them illegal to drive on the street. Besides being lightweight, dirt bikes are also designed with special tires with deep treads, which gives them better traction on rougher terrain, as many of them are built to withstand trials on dirt and rocks. For the same reason, some dirt bikes have stiff suspensions to absorb jumps when offroading on rough terrain. The build of a dirt bike will differ depending on what the rider wants to use it for. We’ll go more into detail about different types of dirt bikes in this post’s next section.

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What Dirt Bike Should I Get?

The type of bike you decide to get will depend a lot on what you want to use the bike for, your riding skill, and your height. Having a properly sized bike will make riding much more enjoyable, and it will be easier to learn. In this section, we’ll cover four different types of dirt bikes: motocross, enduro, trail rider, and dual sports, and the characteristics of each of these to make your buying decision much easier.

Motocross Bike

A motocross bike is characterized by being very lightweight to run faster on race tracks. It also has a long and flat seat that helps riders shift their weight for better traction. To make motocross bikes even lighter, they lack kickstands, speedometers, lights, or mirrors, making them illegal to race on the street.

Enduro Dirt Bike

Enduro bikes are named after the word endurance that means having the power to tolerate a physically demanding event. These types of bikes are specially designed for cross-country and offroading. They’re typically equipped with front and rear bikes to ride in the dark; they also have direction indicators and speedometers, which makes them heavier and allows them to ride in many conditions, including being legal to ride on the street.

Trail Rider Dirt Bike

Trail rider dirt bikes are specially designed to compete in Observed Trials, also known as MotoTrials. These types of trials are focused on skill and handling of the bike, not speed like other competitions centered around dirt bikes. Trail Rider bikes usually have lights to ride in the dark and low-pressure tires for better grip. They also have a larger fuel tank capacity. These bikes are best for experienced riders, as beginners might find them more challenging to control.

Dual Sports Dirt Bike

Bikes created for Dual Sports are high-performing on and off-road. Some models can also be considered street-legal as they have the safety features required on the road. These types of bikes are more comfortable than other dirt bikes, and they’re not used for competition. That being said, Dual Sports Dirt Bikes are great for beginners as they are easy to maneuver.

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Dirt Bike Safety: Riding Tips and Safety Gear

Safety Tips for Riding Your Bike

When learning how to ride a dirt bike, it’s essential to follow a few rules on the road or while offroading to protect yourself and other riders you might encounter. First of all, you should always ride your bike on the terrain it’s meant to be ridden on. For example, avoid taking your bike on the road if it doesn’t have the safety features required. Secondly, always ride within your ability, and if you’re an experienced rider, keep an eye on beginner or young riders. Finally, ride with all your senses, meaning don’t use alcohol or drugs as it could be hazardous for you or other riders. Last but not least, using the proper safety gear can keep you protected from debris on the road, as well as accidents that might occur. Using the right equipment can also make your riding much more comfortable. It’s recommended that you use a DOT (Department of Transportation) certified helmet, goggles to protect your eyes, pants, and gloves with padding, and knee and elbow pads. When buying equipment, make sure that it’s specifically designed for motocross and dirt bikes to ensure it will give you the protection you need.

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