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While the dirt bike racing that you see on TV involves little more than a few riders making their way around a track, in reality, the sport can be a great family exercise.

Most parents wouldn’t immediately think about dirt bike racing when trying to find new ways for their family to enjoy time together, with the popular options like a road trip, camping, and even sport, winning out. However, these aren’t what you would consider adrenaline pumping activities.

Why You and Your Family Will Love Dirt Bike Riding

If you are interested in a new activity for your family to enjoy together, Vaughan Distributing has some information below about why dirt bike racing may be what you’re looking for.

A Social Event

It can be hard to picture, but dirt bike riding is a great social activity for everybody in the family. In contrast to what you see on TV, dirt bike parks and tracks which you will go to are entirely different. These parks and riding tracks offer families more than just a space to race around a set of tracks. In addition, these parks can also offer shared cooking facilities shaded eating and picnic areas, equipment for children to play on when they aren’t riding, and even lessons for those looking to learn how to ride. This atmosphere is great for families who are looking to meet new people and make new friends.


It’s important for parents to ensure that along with their own health and fitness, their children are undertaking regular exercise. This can often be a challenge for parents with children who aren’t interested in traditional sports options. On the surface, it may not seem like dirt bike riding involve a lot of exercise. However, if you consider what’s required, then it’s easy to see. For example, the requirement to continue moving your bike side to side as you ride engages and strengthens your core. Similarly, while you ride you will spend most of your time standing on the pegs, meaning your legs will get a solid workout keeping you moving up and down. Of course, this is before you consider your arms and shoulders which are in charge of keeping you on course. Click here to buy 10W-40 Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil and get the best performance from your engine. In addition to a dirt bike, a synthetic oil change can improve the performance of your car, jet ski, and even lawnmower. To learn more, speak with an expert at Vaughan Distributing by calling (307) 413-1011 or check out the online store for the full range.

A Lesson in Responsibility

Household chores are great tasks to help children learn the importance of responsibility, however, it’s reasonable to say that children don’t find these activities interesting which makes the lesson difficult to learn. Dirt bike riding can help. After each ride, you and your children need to perform some basic maintenance to ensure that it’s not only ready to go the next time you want to ride but that it performs and its best and lasts as long as possible. This maintenance includes:
  • Washing the bike thoroughly.
  • Removing debris from the body and exposed engine.
  • Replacing or cleaning the air filter.
  • Performing a synthetic oil change.
  • Ensuring the bike is completely dry
  • Safely storing the bike

Stress Relief

Raising a family is a stressful task and it’s important for parents to regularly have relief from their daily stresses. While some people will take up yoga or tai chi and others will head to the mall for a day of shopping, there are those who need something more active to take their mind away. While it may seem strange, riding a dirt bike can be a very relaxing event. Well, when it comes to your daily stress, at least. Riding around a track requires your complete focus on the task, otherwise, you would find yourself with a face full of a tree branch or stuck in a pool of mud. Riders find that this focus is just what’s needed to take their mind away from daily stress and help them to relax.

A Synthetic Oil Change in Jackson, WY Can Benefit All of Your Engine Types

If you still aren’t sold on the idea, head to a nearby dirt bike racing park and check it out. If you do take up the activity, be sure to keep your bike in good shape with a regular synthetic oil change. Of course, a synthetic oil change can boost the performance and extend the lifespan of all of the engines in your garage, from your regular daily drive right through to your lawnmower. To find out more about how a quick and easy synthetic oil change in Jackson, WY can improve the engines in your garage, speak with an expert at Vaughan Distributing by calling (307) 413-1011.

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