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Changing your vehicle's lubricant and oil filter is one of the most important maintenance jobs you should do. If you're unsure when you should do it, however, read this post.

How to Determine if Your Vehicle Needs a Lubricant and Oil Filter Change

If you've ever wondered how your vehicle's engine can perform such grueling work for years without breaking down faster, the lubricant and oil filter are the ones to thank. The former protects the engine, while the latter keeps dirt from damaging it. However, for them to perform as desired, they need to be replaced every so often. If you're unsure if your lubricant and oil filters are up for a change, here are a few telling signs that they are.

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It's Been "X" Amount of Miles Since the Last Change

There is some debate about this first sign (mainly regarding how many miles you can go before you need a lubricant/oil filter change). The truth is, there isn't one number that applies to every vehicle. The number of miles will depend largely on the condition you keep your vehicle in, how much you use it, the terrain you drive it through, among other similar variables. If you want to be certain of this, it's recommended that you visit a professional mechanic, or that you consult your owner's manual.

Over a Year Has Passed

Synthetic lubricant isn't immune to the passing of time. On the contrary, even if you don't use your vehicle at all, lubricant that is over one year old can become stale and ineffective, meaning that your engine will be completely exposed if you run it once more. That's why, if it's been over a year since the last replacement, get to it right away. If you can't remember the last time you provided this maintenance for your vehicle, it's a good idea to start writing down the dates of your lubricant changes, so this mix up doesn't present itself again.

The Lubricant Has Turned Dark and Rough

As you probably noticed, when you first poured the lubricant into your vehicle, the substance was a clear brown color and the texture was smooth. However, if upon inspection, you find that it is now a blackish hue with a coarse consistency, it's time for a change. This switcheroo takes place once dirt, dust, and other nasty particles have reached the engine (which is an indication that the oil filter should be exchanged as well). The problem with this is that dirty lubricant can actually hurt your engine, and accelerate its wear process. Change it ASAP to prevent that situation.

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The Lubricant Levels Aren't Where They Need to Be

Of course, you want your lubricant to provide a protective layer for your engine to ensure it won't get worn down by the friction of its components, and to keep its processes running smoothly. However, for the lubricant to provide that service, it should be at a proper level. To find out if yours is, you can do a quick dipstick test. If you notice that your lubricant isn't where it needs to be, refill it promptly. Likewise, check for leaks to verify the substance isn't seeping through and wasting away.

The Dashboard Is Telling You It Needs a Change

The dashboard in your vehicle is a wonderful tool that basically gives you insights regarding how its components are doing. Unfortunately, many people choose to deliberately ignore what their dashboard is telling them about their vehicles. Lest you want to end up with a malfunctioning vehicle that requires lots of repairs and replacements, it's imperative that you pay attention to it and provide the maintenance your vehicle needs according to it. If the "check engine" or the "oil" signs light up, for example, change the lubricant in your vehicle to prevent a damaged engine.

Your Engine Isn't Working as Usual

Finally, you should also be aware of your engine at all times, since it may also be giving you direct signs that something isn't right with it. For example, if all of a sudden, it becomes jumpy or makes noises it didn't make before, it may be that it requires a lubricant and oil filter replacement. Do this for it and see if that fixes the problems. If it doesn't (and even if it does), visit a mechanic to get a professional assessment of the engine's condition. They'll be able to tell you what else it needs to continue working as desired.

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