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You are going on a motorcycle road trip and don’t know what to keep in your motorcycle tank bag? Don’t worry, Vaughan Distributing in Jackson, WY, has this post for you to learn about some essential items you should take with you when doing on the road!

Planning a motorcycle adventure can be pretty exciting. From choosing which routes to takes to planning all your stops, a lot goes into ensuring you have the best experience. It’s important to remember also to plan all the essential items to take on your adventure to ensure your safety and comfort. If you are traveling with a motorcycle tank bag, Vaughan Distributing in Jackson, WY, has this article for you to get informed on some of the items you should take with you. If you are interested, keep reading!

Take a Map and a GPS

Something crucial for being on the road is ensuring you have the proper equipment to keep you guided. A GPS is a great tool to ensure you are always on track and that you know where to go. It’s a great tool in case of needing to change routes as well as for getting informed of an accident or something you should pay special attention to ahead. But as with all technological devices, things can go sideways, and you can’t always rely on them working. To ensure you are prepared for any situation, ensure to also take a good map with you. You can trace out your route beforehand as well as the stops you want to make.

First Aid Kit

As an experienced rider, you can know what preventive measures to take and how you should behave on the road to ensure you are protected. But no matter if you are an experienced or a beginner rider, accidents can happen, and unexpected situations can be impossible to predict. You should ensure to keep a first aid kit in your tank bag in case of any mishap or accident. This can also ensure your comfort while riding. Your first aid kit should include articles like gauze, some bandages, as well as some medicine.

Reduce the chances of having an issue with your motorcycle on the road by giving it the best products on the market. AMSOIL’S 15W-60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil will give your engine a boost in its performance and will ensure it stays protected throughout your adventure. Speak with a professional at Vaughan Distributing in Jackson to learn more about the benefits of a synthetic oil change by calling (307) 413-1011.

Tool Kit

You should always carry a tool kit with you, no matter where you are going and for how long. But especially for longer trips or road trips, having a tool kit can get you out of a few unwanted situations. Keeping your tools in your tank bang is an excellent way of keeping them accessible. Some of the tools you should consider taking with you are a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, an air pump, a hex key, etc. It would be best if you also considered getting a multi-tool that has other tools included, as this can help you save some space in your tank bag.

Take a Flat Tire Repair Kit with You

Getting a flat tire on the road can be quite annoying and time-consuming. Be prepared for this to ensure you don’t have to cut your trip short by taking a flat fix kit to fix your tires. Depending on the situation, keeping this kit with you can save you money, time, and can allow you to resolve the situation by yourself. Ensure it is in good condition before heading on the road as flat fix kits don’t last forever. In case of not being able to fix the problem yourself, having this kit with you can give you time and allow you to ride to the closest shop or professional.

Another important thing to prepare before heading out on your adventure is to ensure your motorcycle is in top condition. Learn about the benefits that a synthetic oil change can have for your engine by speaking with an expert at Vaughan Distributing in Jackson today by calling (307) 413-1011 and visit the online store to learn about the fantastic products AMSOIL offers for motorcycles.

Be Prepared for the Elements

Every rider dreams of the perfect sunny day for their road trip. As much as it allows for a fantastic view, ride, and experience, the sun can also be damaging for you and your skin after a long or harsh exposure. To prevent you from getting hurt, ensure you have sunscreen in your tank bag, this is something simple that can go a long way. You also want to be prepared for cold winds and rain. Ensure you have a proper rain jacket with you, as otherwise, you can put your health in danger and at the same time make your trip less enjoyable. Having a simple rain jacket in your tank bag is enough, you don’t necessarily have to take one with you that takes up a lot of space.

Stay Connected

Whether you are traveling by yourself or with a group, having a device that allows you to communicate and ensure you are going in the right direction is vital. Ensure you have your cellphone with you as well as your phone charger. As much as you might be tempted to forget about all technology and your regular routine while on the road, letting your loved ones know you are ok is essential. Also, it’s crucial to have a device that can allow you to call for help if necessary.

Make Sure You Are Prepared for Your Adventure by Giving Your Engine a Synthetic Oil Change in Jackson

Along with ensuring you have all the necessary articles in your tank bag, make sure you give your motorcycle proper maintenance before heading on the road. With AMSOIL’S 15W-60 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil, your engine can benefit from maximum protection as well as from an increase in its performance. Speak with a professional at Vaughan Distributing in Jackson, WY, or visit the online store to learn more about the amazing products AMSOIL offers for your motorcycle.

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