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Who not in use, vehicles can suffer some level of wear and tear. To prevent this from happening it's important to ensure you take the necessary preventive measures. Read this article by Vaughan Distributing and learn some tips on how to keep your car safe when not in use.

Keeping proper upkeep of your vehicle is crucial to ensure it has a long life span. But, how to ensure your car is safe when kept in storage? It is true that vehicles can suffer some level of wear and tear when not being used for long periods of time that can lead to having to spend an extra amount of money on maintenance. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to prevent your car from suffering any damage. Keep reading this article by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson, WY, and learn some tips to keep your car protected while being in storage.

Protect Your Car from the Elements

Step one is choosing the space you will be storing of parking your car wisely. If you have the opportunity to store your car indoors, take it as this is the best way to ensure your vehicle stays safe and protected from the elements. If keeping your car indoors is not an option for you, make an effort to park it in a safe area. Make sure to also invest in a car cover made especially for your car model as this will ensure your vehicle stays safe from the elements.

Top off Your Tank

When leaving a car in long-time storage, one common problem you can encounter with your fuel tank is condensation building up. When this happens, the integrity of your fuel tank gets compromised and the formation of rust can begin. This can be a problem that can be challenging to fix, so to ensure you prevent this from happening, fill up your tank before leaving it in storage.

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Don’t Cancel Your Insurance

Are you considering canceling your car insurance for the time your vehicle is in storage? Some people think this can be a good idea to save money when in reality, it can have the opposite effect. Having gaps in your coverage can lead you to have problems with your insurance provider. Also, it’s important you make sure your car is insured for when you take it back on the road.

Give Your Car a Good Clean

Clean both the inside and the outside of your car. The last thing you want it to return after a few weeks and realize you left a piece of candy or a half-eaten sandwich inside that now has left an awful smell. Clean the insides thoroughly and make an effort to clean even the hard-to-reach places. Additionally, give the outside of your car a good clean to get rid of any water stains or bird droppings.

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Organize Your Garage

If you are not used to leaving your car in your garage, chances are you have it filled with boxes, hardware supplies, and more. If this is the case, make sure you give it a good clean first. This is not only to ensure your vehicle actually fits but also to prevent any box to get knocked over or fall, which can possibly damage your car. This can also be a great opportunity to take out some old and forgotten items you may no longer need and only have laying around!

Change Your Motor Oil

To help your engine stay in top condition, changing the motor oil is essential. When was the last time you changed your motor oil? With time, oil starts building up sludge and debris tan can be detrimental for your engine. Remember that motor oil is the one who ensures every part of your engine is properly lubricated and protected to be able to work at its best capacity. Before putting your car in storage, make sure your engine an oil change.

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