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Being in a car wreck is never an ideal situation. That's why, if you want to decrease the chances of you being in one, you should avoid the following behaviors at all costs!

Most Common Causes for Car Wrecks

Being Behind the Wheel While Distracted

No matter how good you feel you are at "multitasking," you should never drive unless your full attention is on the road and the situations before you. The circumstances can change drastically while you drive, so talking to the person next to you, tuning the radio, texting, engaging in other distracting activities when you drive, or even taking your eyes off the road for a second, can mean that you aren't paying attention to them, which can end up in a car wreck. That's why you should do your best to focus on what you're doing and on reacting appropriately as you drive.

Fully Ignoring the Traffic Rules

Going at the determined speed limit, knowing what traffic lights mean and paying mind to them, stopping when you should stop, yielding where indicated, passing other vehicles on the left, and other traffic rules, have been created with your safety in mind. This is why blatantly ignoring them can put your life in peril. Even disobeying one of these signs, for example, speeding, can make you lose control of the situation. Instead, remember to review your state's driving laws and to follow them so you can always arrive at your destination without much hassle.

Driving when There's Bad Conditions

In some situations, you can't control what's going on around you. For example, driving when it's snowing or raining, means the road will be slippery and that your vehicle won't be able to react as usual to the commands you give it, increasing your chances of being in a collision. That's why it's extra important that you be careful in those cases. Driving at a slower pace, making sure your visibility isn't compromised, and being fully alert when driving in bad conditions will keep you as safe as possible under those circumstances.

Driving in a Poorly Maintained Vehicle

Would you consider that having tires in good shape or brakes that function correctly is essential to your safety? If you do, it's because you know that certain failures in a vehicle can have dire consequences. For instance, faulty brakes won't allow you to stop when and how you need to, which could be potentially damaging. For that reason, it is imperative that you take good care of your vehicle and all of its components. Provide the maintenance they need and have a professional take a look at them every so often to ensure they're in proper condition. You should take special care of your vehicle's engine with a synthetic oil change so it can continue taking you to where you want to go. Remember that Vaughan Distributing in Fremont County works with AMSOIL products, and they can provide the synthetic oil in Fremont County it requires. Call (307) 413-1011 for more information.

Driving While Inebriated or High

Driving requires focus, quick decision-making skills, and full control of your body and mind, all of which are hard to come by when you've been drinking or taking drugs. If you want to be able to react appropriately when certain situations arise as you drive, your judgment and movements shouldn't be clouded with substances. That's why it's immensely preferable to wait until you're sober again before sitting behind the wheel. You can also have a sober friend take you or find another mean of transportation (taxi, bus, etc.) instead of risking your life when under the influence.

Driving While Tired

Finally, another common cause of vehicle wrecks is tiredness. We've all been there: maybe we didn't have a good night's sleep the day before, or we've been driving for some time, and we start to get drowsy while driving. Much like driving under the influence, being tired doesn't allow us to be fully alert and respond to difficult situations correctly. And, much like DUIs, we have a higher chance of causing or getting into an accident. If you're feeling sleepy behind the wheel, don't depend on caffeinated or energy drinks; instead, go to sleep, have somebody else drive, or rest for a while before you continue on your way.

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