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Doing what we can to care for our environment is in our best interest. After all, looking after it and keeping it strong and healthy is our responsibility. For that reason, this post will go over a few simple ways with which you can make your vehicle a bit more environmentally friendly.

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If you love riding down the freeway on your motorcycle, then it's in your best interest to stay safe while you do. After all, you face more risks as a motorcyclist, which is why you need to be extra careful out there. With this in mind, this post will go over a few things you should consider if...

Misleading Statements About Synthetic Oil

You have probably heard about the different cons and pros of using synthetic oil. Many times those cons are not really cons but myths. Today at Vaughan Distributing we want to make sure we clarify two  of the misconceptions regarding synthetic oil. Don´t...
Lately we have been talking about common car problems and how to prevent them. We already mentioned some ways we can prevent car problems by inspecting your vehicle, in a previous post. That is why today we want to share another important way to avoid major damage to your vehicle.

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The contents of this blog post have been moved...
The contents of this blog post have been moved...
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The contents of this blog post have been moved...
While hitting the road and driving off to new places can be exciting and fun, you need to get your car inspected before you do so you can have a smooth and safe ride. To that end, in this post, we'll remind you of the different areas that you need to pay special attention to before heading out...

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