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Changing your oil and installing an AMSOIL oil filter

Changing the oil and oil filter in your vehicle is a crucial maintenance task, and a fairly easy one to go through, at that. If you want to learn to DIY it, so you can upkeep your engine as needed from the comfort of your home, continue reading the post below. 

Go Through the Owner's Manual

If you want to be completely certain that you know what you're doing, it's highly recommended that you give your owner's manual a thorough read. As you may be aware, there you'll find more information specific to your own vehicle (for instance, how often you should do oil changes, or where the different components are, among other useful information to complete this task).

Feed Your Engine with the Best Oil

The oil has the job of maintaining your engine, protecting it from the friction and high temperaturas inside it, keeping it from wearing down, and lubricating its processes. Needless to say, it does some important work, which is why you should research and find the oil that will perform the best so your engine can continue running smoothly for years to come. Vaughan Distributing in Jackson can provide the most effective synthetic oil so you can maintain your engine perfectly, AMSOIL 100% synthetic oil in Jackson. Call (307) 413-1011 for more information on how the continued use of AMSOIL products can actually save you time and money, or if you'd like to place an order.

Turn on Your Vehicle to Warm the Oil

The oil in your engine can be a little bit thick, which could make its draining process more complicated. If you want to get it out effectively, you should turn on your vehicle to warm it up. However, be sure to only do it for 5 minutes, since doing for longer can make the oil too hot, and it may burn you. If does get too hot, wait for awhile so it can cool down.

Jack Up the Vehicle Carefully

As you may be aware, the engine plug is under your vehicle, which means that to take it off, you will need to crawl under it. For that reason, you need to ensure that you jack the car up safely so no accidents happen while you're down there. To that end, first put your vehicle in park and turn it off completely. Then, jack it up using the jacking points. Finally, use a jack stand to ensure it's supported properly.

Before You Begin Draining

There are a couple of things that you still need to do before you get rid of the old oil. For instance, you should remove the oil fill cap in your vehicle. After that, identify where the drain pan is and where the drain plug is. If you need assistance, you can go back to the owner's manual to figure that out. Lastly, position the pan under the plug so it can catch all of the old oil.

Get the Old Oil Out of Your Vehicle

For the next step, you will need a wrench that can help you loosen up and remove the drain plug. Once that happens, you'll notice that the oil will start pouring out, so place the pan correctly so it doesn't go everywhere. You will have to wait a few minutes until all of the oil is out. Then, put the new oil plug in place and tighten it. After you're done with this task, it is very important that you take the old oil to an authorized recycling or drop-off center.

Make Way for the New Oil Filter

To replace the oil filter, first, you need to know where the old oil filter is (you can turn to your manual for this information). Then, put the drain pan under it, so it has a chance to collect the filthy oil. Following that, remove the filter and let all of the gunk in it come out onto the pan. Lastly, take the new oil filter, and after putting fresh oil on the seal to help it tighten correctly, place it in its new spot. Again, refer to your manual to know how tight it should be.

Fill Your Vehicle with New Oil

For the grand finale, you will need to pour the new synthetic oil into the fill hole (you may use a clean funnel to make this process easier). Pour the oil in little by little, and employ the dipstick test to verify that you don't go over or under the suggested oil levels. It's a good idea to run the engine for a bit, so you can notice any leaks or issues. Finally, right the date and the amount of oil you used on a notebook so you can use this information if needed.

For the Top Synthetic Oil in Jackson, WY

Vaughan Distributing in Jackson is an authorized AMSOIL dealer that can provide your vehicle with the necessary products for its maintenance, so it can remain in perfect working condition. Call (307) 413-1011 or browse the online store to place an order on the best synthetic oil in Jackson for your next synthetic oil change.


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