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The summer months are the wet season in some places. If you'll be driving in the rain, here are a few tips by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson that you can follow to remain safe.

How to Drive Safely When it Rains

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Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape

The first step is to maintain your vehicle properly, as it is less likely that it will malfunction during a rainy day if it's received the care it deserves. Not only that, but since the roads are wet, it becomes even more important that your vehicle will be able to withstand the harsh conditions. That's why you should take it to a professional mechanic who can take a look at it and provide the necessary repairs.

Keep Your Senses on the Road

Being focused on the road and what goes on around you is imperative to keep yourself safe while you're driving. However, while you should always be attentive, this becomes even more crucial if the weather outside isn't the best. The road is slippery, your field of vision may be reduced, and your vehicle won't respond as normal, all of which can result in accidents. Pay attention to make sure you make the right decisions as you drive.

Use of the Windshield Wipers

It should go without saying that you need to see in order for you to remain safe while on the road. Nonetheless, with all the water that's pouring over your windshield, this can be difficult to achieve. That's why, you need to make use of your windshield wipers, to guarantee your vision won't be completely obstructed by the water.

Light the Way

Using lights during a rainy drive is one of the best ways that you can stay safe. This is because they will allow you to see what's in front of you better. Moreover, other vehicles will be able to see you better as well. Plus, if you use your hazard lights, blinkers, and high beams, you'll be signalizing your intentions effectively, all of which can help keep you safe.

Turn On the 'Defrost' Setting

As a kid, you probably loved when your windows got foggy, since that meant you could draw on them. However, foggy windows can actually be very dangerous, since they reduce the driver's visibility. To keep this phenomenon from resulting in an accident, turn on the 'defrost' option in your vehicle.

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Move Slowly

Driving fast and recklessly is never recommended, even on a sunny, beautiful day. Still, when it's pouring outside, driving fast can be incredibly dangerous because of the wet roads. To avoid getting in an wreck, it's recommended that you move around at a slower pace if the weather outside isn't favorable.

Allow More Space

And since the roads are wet and slippery, your tires won't get a good grip on them, which means you can pretty much guarantee that your brakes won't be able to respond as they normally would. That's why it's necessary that you allow more space between your vehicle and the people and objects around it, so that the brakes have a chance to stop you.

Avoid Splashing Others

Sometimes, you can't help it, you're driving around and you accidentally splash other vehicles and people. However, you should avoid this situation whenever possible. This is because, when you splash other vehicles, you're not only being annoying, but you're limiting their vision, which could cause accidents.

Stay Clear of Flooded Areas

Something to keep in mind is that you stay clear of flooded areas. This is because, your vehicle may malfunction from the excess water. Furthermore, you never know what could be hiding under the high waters (e.g. a big pothole you could fall into). Plus, you run the risk of drifting away with the current. So, basically, steer clear of floods.

Seek Shelter If Necessary

Lastly, if you truly want to stay safe in a rainy situation, you need to know when you should stop your vehicle and seek shelter. If the rain is too intense, or if you're feeling nervous, it is far better to find a safe space where you can park and let the rain stop, than it is continue going.

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