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If you're not that great at keep up with your vehicle's synthetic oil changes, in this post by Vaughan Distributing in Jackson will share tips on how you can be more responsible with them.

How to Be More Responsible With Your Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

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Learn About the Consequences

It's possible that if you only knew just how bad it is to neglect a vehicle's synthetic oil changes, you'd never forget to get them done ever again. That's why, first of all, this post will scare you straight so you can become a more responsible vehicle-owner. As you may know, the synthetic oil has the crucial job of coating the moving components in the engine to protect them and lubricate them. This is essential because when these parts move, they brush against one another, they create a friction that can damage them, that increases the vehicle's temperature, and that can affect its performance. However, after some time and use, the lubricant in your engine will start to gather filth and dust particles that make their way into the system. Moreover, those high temperatures and other harsh conditions can make the oil thin out and become ineffective. All of this will leave your engine exposed and more prone to wear and tear, which affect its performance and lifespan. Not to mention, being irresponsible with the oil replacements will cost you a lot of money, since replacing or repairing an engine is far more expensive than getting this basic maintenance task done.

Seek More Information

Now that you're aware of the importance of the synthetic oil changes, you should seek more information to know exactly when and how to get this service done. After all, it is the responsible thing to do as a vehicle-owner. As you begin your search for such information, you may come across with some generic tips (for example, that you should be replacing your synthetic oil every 3,000 miles or so). However, the exact number of miles varies from vehicle to vehicle, depending on a few variables (their age, use, and more). That's why, to keep a healthy engine, you need to first crack open your owner's manual. In it, you'll find more accurate information on how to do the replacement and how often it should get done. Plus, you'll probably also find other tips on how to better care for your vehicle in general. If you have questions about it, need any further guidance, or you simply lost your owner's manual, you can also pay a reliable and professional mechanic a visit. Their experience and know-how will help you be more aware of your engine's needs. And, you can give your vehicle a professional routine inspection while you're there.

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Get Reminded of Them

Nowadays, there are quite a few ways that you can get reminded of your vehicle's synthetic oil changes, in case your memory isn't great at remembering those details. For starters, there's the most obvious and analogue way of doing it: have someone else remind you. If you share your vehicle with a family member, you should also share the responsibility of getting your vehicle its replacements. Not only will this help you share the burden, but it will also increase the probability of getting the maintenance task done. You can also write the replacements down on a notebook (the date and how many bottles you used). After all, "the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory." Another, more modern way of doing it, is to simply set an alarm on your smartphone. Set it for the date the replacement should get done with an appropriate label and when it goes off, a few months down the road, you will be reminded that it's time to make the change. Finally, nowadays, you can count on your mechanic or regular auto repair shop to notify you when you should bring your vehicle in from a replacement. It may be that they have an app for it, that they will call you on the phone, or send you some other type of notification. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you sign up for it so you can be completely responsible with the vehicle's synthetic oil changes. Any of these tactics will guarantee you won't forget about your vehicle's care needs, so you can keep it in mint condition for a lot longer.

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